PLEASE wear union attire and join us there!  Call the Local if you need a tee shirt, a ride, more info...

Call your US Senator: 1-888-966-9836. Tell them:  Vote against the Graham-Cassidy healthcare repeal bill, and any bill that will repeal the Affordable Care Act.

CWA Local 1133 Vice-President Kathy Kelly, KMH Chief Steward Rene' Marriott, and President Deb Arnet proudly carry our banner in this year's Labor Day Parade.  

A National plan to build workplace power, strengthen bargaining, and resist outside efforts to destroy our union.  

  • Published Thu, May 18, 2017, Everybody’s Column, Buffalo News, by The Rev. Art Smith, Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta Parish, Depew:   A friend would say, “the only mercy to be found at South Buffalo Mercy Hospital is on its signage,” a sentiment often echoed by an outspoken Franciscan friar. From him I learned to verbalize my own sentiments about the facility, which I now regret.  I was born there and have since spent some time as the beneficiary of its healing mercy.

MHOB RN's:  Please complete the job satisfaction survey online (like VOA) from June 5-25.  


The hospital has various ongoing construction projects that require specially federally-mandated procedures to safely remove asbestos-containing material, and can only be performed by licensed asbestos abatement contractors, and the areas affected clearly posted as such.  The area is hermetically sealed off, and all removal work is performed within this cordoned-off area.  All material is triple-bagged, sealed, and removed from the site for independent testing.  Air quality monitoring stations are also utilized before, during, and after the abatement process.

"This is "your" website.  Information of general interest, information, and of benefit to the membership may be posted to the website.  Call 716:828-1133 with any questions or concerns."  President Deb Arnet

"She did an awesome job.  I let her do all the talking.  I was so proud of how she represented nursing and Mercy Hospital.  Brought tears to my eyes; truly a great representative of the nursing profession.  She was perfect."  Shari McDonald, Chief Nursing Officer, Mercy Hospital of Buffalo, March 15, 2017.