Political Action Fund

  To more effectively do our political action work the CWA has set up a Political Action Fund called PAF (formerly known as COPE). Active members as well as retirees can give voluntary contributions to PAF through payroll deduction or monthly donations. The funds collected are used to not only help elect worker friendly candidates but also to inform CWA members and their families about the candidates and their positions on the issues that affect their lives.

   Working families can never match the contributions of corporate America, but with the volunteer efforts of our members and our PAF funds we can have a stronger voice. Unions are restricted from using dues to preform certain types of political work so it is necessary to ask our members to contribute to PAF. So please click the link and sign up today.

   To have your contribution deducted from your paycheck please Click Here and print out a PAF card. Please return your completed PAF card to the local.

   To make a one time donation by credit card or set up monthly credit card contributions Click Here.