CWA/AT&T Midwest Bargaining Report #78

Yesterday the Union Bargaining Committee, District 4 leadership and Local Union Presidents from across the Midwest met in Indiana to discuss where we are at this point in bargaining, answer questions, and discuss next steps in the process.

Updates were provided by Vice President Hinton, Assistant to the Vice President and Bargaining Chair Curt Hess, Administrative Director and Mobilization Coordinator Teri Pluta, District 4 Counsel Matt Harris and members of the elected Bargaining Team.


We reviewed the number of items that are still open at the table but the bargaining team is not able to discuss the specific proposals as negotiations are still ongoing and things could change rapidly. The major open items are; Wages (and items surrounding pay), Employment Security, Benefits, Appendix F, and Jobs/Work to be performed by the bargaining unit.


We also covered the status of multiple NLRB charges that have been filed by the Union at multiple levels. None of these charges have been ruled on at this time and could take awhile before they are considered by the Board.


The committee is currently working on putting together another proposal to present to the company that addresses the needs of CWA members in District 4 and which includes a commitment to jobs and work from AT&T.