CWA/AT&T Midwest Bargaining Report #80

Over the last few days, the Union met with the company to attempt to find a path towards an agreement that included assurances that there was a way to move additional work to the Midwest bargaining unit. Our ask is simple, we need a commitment from AT&T that they will work with CWA to bring work into this bargaining unit. There appeared to be some positive movement in the last few days, but there was no additional progress today.

There are difficult decisions to be made on both sides, but we believe, wholeheartedly, that AT&T has the ability to bring more work to our members; they must find the will to do so as well.

Until the Company is prepared to entertain meaningful discussions on the issue of work, we believe it will remain terribly difficult to navigate a path to a tentative agreement.

As of today, the bargaining team is returning home while we all continue to ramp up mobilization. This will include political pressure, media, community engagement and anything else that our leadership and mobilization coordinators might find appropriate.

We remain prepared to meet with AT&T at any time to resolve the remaining issues on the table.

Please continue to mobilize and get involved in the coming days to help convince the company to do the right thing!