Yesterday, the Union met with the Company in informal discussions around Article 26 (Training and Employment Security), Employment Security Commitment and EEOP. These discussions continued to be frustrating. We also had continued discussions about adding work to the unit and issues surrounding appendices. There was some candid discussion, but no real progress was made.

Over the weekend, the Company provided the Union with the additional information that we had requested regarding the offer that AT&T had communicated directly to our membership. After exhaustively reviewing this information, specifically the health care portion, we are convinced that the details that were left out or left unexplained make this offer even more detrimental to CWA members than we previously believed.

After reviewing the so called final offer that the company presented the Union earlier this week, one thing is certain; this offer does not meet the needs of CWA members in the Midwest.

To further explain the company’s propaganda pieces that went out yesterday and today the bargaining committee wants to clarify a number of issues.

So, let’s talk about the AT&T’s so called final offer and their desire to be transparent. The company wants you to know what is in their latest offer but we need you to know the particulars that they left out.

This afternoon the Company presented the Union with a 5th comprehensive package proposal that they termed as “final”. The Company has moved towards the Union’s direction on some issues, but it doesn’t appear that we are where we need to be yet.

As usual, the email the Company sent out this afternoon highlights some positives in their proposal, but leaves out the many diminishments and retrogressive proposals that CWA members will not accept.

The Union committee has continued to review information and proposals while awaiting the company’s call to return to the table.

The mobilization activities over the weekend was great to see, from the rally in Detroit, Michigan, to the multitude of other inspiring actions across the Midwest!

Keep up the Fight!  Mobilize!

The Union committee has been continuing work on crafting proposals to create and retain jobs for CWA members in all departments covered by the Midwest contract.

Since the Union met with the Company earlier this week, AT&T has not responded to our ideas. It appears that they are still maintaining their positions of high health care costs, less employment, and weaker job security

The Union committee continued internal discussions today around bringing work into the Midwest region.

The Union met with the Company this afternoon to outline the Union’s positions on the major items; such as Job Security, Benefits, Wages and adding work to the bargaining unit.

We also outlined our positions on the remainder of the open items at this time.