CWA/AT&T Midwest Bargaining Report #82

August 10, 2018

Fighting Today…Focused on the Future!


Since leaving Arlington Heights at the end of June, your Union Bargaining Committee has had several calls and also met in Cleveland, OH, Tuesday and Wednesday to continue working and strategizing about ways to convince the company to reach a fair agreement with CWA.

The committee appreciates the support that continues to be shown from the membership in our quest to attain the best contract possible that secures a future for AT&T employees in the Midwest.

Over the last few days, the Union met with the company to attempt to find a path towards an agreement that included assurances that there was a way to move additional work to the Midwest bargaining unit. Our ask is simple, we need a commitment from AT&T that they will work with CWA to bring work into this bargaining unit. There appeared to be some positive movement in the last few days, but there was no additional progress today.

Yesterday the Union Bargaining Committee, District 4 leadership and Local Union Presidents from across the Midwest met in Indiana to discuss where we are at this point in bargaining, answer questions, and discuss next steps in the process.

The union committee met internally this morning at AT&T’s location in Arlington Heights to review all open articles and issues to date.

We are currently preparing to attend a meeting with our local officers that Vice President Linda Hinton has called tomorrow afternoon to review and discuss the status of negotiations.

There have been no breakthroughs in negotiations yet this week. This committee has continued to lookfor ways to draw AT&T off their current stances and address the concerns that CWA members have identified. But apparently no one is home! Perhaps they are too busy celebrating the TW deal.

We continue to meet in subcommittee and caucus internally at the bargaining location in Chicago.

The company’s current final offer is no different than the first “final offer” they passed on May 22nd, which the union committee has rejected. We are continuing our review of the “final offer” after gaining additional detailed information in our subcommittees.

After Thursday’s continued rejection by the Company of the Union's proposals and their ongoing stance on their final offer, the Union committee is taking this weekend to assess the state of negotiations.


The Union committee is prepared to meet with the Company at any time - but we are not going to bargain with ourselves!