This morning the Article 26 subcommittee met with the company to push our sustained concerns about work and job security. We reiterated the need for improvements to this language and not carving out large portions of current contract language that our members depend on!

This morning the Appendix F subcommittee met to reiterate our demands for improvements for our members. We reminded the company that they had not yet responded to our proposal to move all employees covered by this appendix into the core agreement. The conversation continued with the CWA committee stressing the need for additional work to be brought into the bargaining unit, for all titles covered by all parts of the Midwest Agreement!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Chicago! We appreciate all the wishes of luck. However, the luck of the Irish won’t bring home a fair contract…but, your mobilization will!

This morning the union committee met with the company and they passed proposals related to Article 15 (Job Classifications and Promotions), Appendix A16 (Labor Advisory Forum) and a letter regarding quota relief.

This morning our committee met with the company where they passed proposals to eliminate job security for CWA members across the Midwest by deleting the Employment Security Commitment and the Extended Employment Opportunity Period from our contract.

We have repeatedly told the company that this is UNACCEPTABLE!

This morning, our Committee met with the Company and tentative agreements were reached on Article 4 (Responsible Company Union Relationship) and Appendix A5 (Commercial Driver’s License/Special Operating Permit/License). The company also passed proposals on Appendix B (Wage Zones) and (Wage Zones and Locations), as well as two Letters outside the CBA on the Voluntary Extended Absence Program and Regarding Union Deductions.

This morning the Benefits subcommittee met to continue to go over the company’s health care proposal and study the facts, figures, and costs to enable us to formulate an informed response.

This afternoon, the COS (Customer Operations Specialist) committee met with the company’s committee where they passed us several proposals. The Appendix G subcommittee also met with the company and had an in-depth discussion around the current proposals on the table so we can draft a detailed and educated counter proposal.

This morning the full committee met with the company where they passed us retrogressive proposals on Article 10 (Union Officers and Representatives), Article 21 Recognized Holidays), Article 23 (Vacations) and on a Letter outside the Contract regarding Vacation Carryover. They also passed proposals on a Letter outside the Contract regarding the Vacation and Holiday Committee and on Article 22 (Excused Work Days).

This morning the full committee met with the company and reached tentative agreements on Appendix A7 (Work at Home/Telecommuting) and Appendix A27 (Incentive Plans). The company then passed proposals on Article 12 (Problem Resolution Procedures), Appendix A12 (CSRT) and Appendix B1 (Job Duties). The union team caucused to go over proposals for the remainder of the morning.