The Union Committee met with the Company today at the main table to pass proposals on Article 16 (Benefits) and Appendix A13 (Monitoring). We explained our ideas and made sure the Company did not have any misunderstandings.

This evening, the Company rejected all the Union proposals that were currently under consideration and stood on the terms of their final offer.

The Union committee continued work this morning internally on benefits related issues and leave policies.


The Union benefits subcommittee had lengthy discussions with the Company about the AT&T Retirement Savings Plan (401k) and parental leave policy. The Company clarified parts of their proposals and took the remaining Union questions to research and communicate additional answers.

The union committee, once again, has spent the majority of today reviewing data related to surplus pooling. This data is comprehensive and contains multiple pools covering thousands of members. The company has made it overly difficult to review this information since they have made numerous pooling changes in their proposals.


This afternoon the Marketing Subcommittee met again with Company representatives and had productive discussions on ways to improve monitoring in the Midwest call centers.

The Union also met with the Company regarding Appendix A29 (Pooled Titles) to try and determine what changes, if any, from the original intent of the article, have occurred since the Company has restructured departments.

Yesterday afternoon the Union advised the Company that we wanted to return to the table to meet and pass additional proposals. The Union Committee also had prepared a statement to present to the Company to address their comments from Friday and again explain what it would take to reach an agreement on a contract.

Yesterday morning the Union Committee met with the Company Committee and passed the following proposals;

The Union has been meeting with the Company today and discussions are continuing tonight.

A more detailed report will be sent out sometime tomorrow outlining the results from these meetings.