The committee spent time today analyzing relevant data that the Union requested from the Company to help the committee understand AT&T’s proposals and their responses to Union proposals.

The areas of job security, benefits and work rules continue to be major points of contention.

Committee met with the Company to continue to vocalize our demands for job security, including the Employment Security Commitment and the Extended Employment Opportunity Period.

Today, the Benefits Sub-Committee met to continue work on our proposals for pensions and savings and security plans that will meet CWA members’ needs for a secure retirement.

Yesterday, the Union and the Company met, and tentative agreements were reached on Appendix B2 (Regarding Service Technician, etc.), Appendix G (SBC Global Services Main MOA), and numerous articles around economic protection and scheduling of time off.

The Customer Operations Specialist committee met and reached tentative agreements on Attachments 1-5 and a letter regarding the Wellness Program.

Today the Union committee rejected the Company’s fourth package proposal, in totality, which was presented to the Union yesterday.

We continued work on crafting improvements to Monitoring, Article 26, and the Appendices. The Union Committee then met with the Company this afternoon and passed proposals that reflect these improvements.

The Company presented the Union with their fourth package proposal today.

This proposal reflects the nearly 20 tentative agreements that were reached on a multitude of issues over the last 6 days,

It turned out that this morning was an exciting day here in Arlington Heights! The bargaining team was welcomed by more than 100 CWA members from across the Midwest.  It was truly the best morning we have had in quite a while!

It was truly inspiring to see so many people fighting for all of our futures!

Today, the Union, once again proposed improvements to enhance members’ employment security. There were proposals exchanged covering; Article 26 (Training and Employment Security), Appendix A19 (Employment Security), Appendix A20 (Extended Employment Opportunity Period) and Appendix A30 (Additional Displacement Opportunity).

Yesterday, the Union committee worked on crafting counter proposals on Wages and Benefits as well as language to address Definitions, Problem Resolution Procedures and Treatment of Time Worked.

Early last evening the Union met with the Company and tentative agreements were reached on Appendix A2 (Training Opportunity Plan) and a letter regarding National Transfer Plan Revisions.