Retired 4008 Member

Jerry Michajlyszyn

Passed away Friday April 27, 2018

The Company presented the Union with another package proposal today.

Based on a quick review of the information, it does not appear that we are close to agreement on CWA members’ important issues.

There was, however, some movement from the company’s previous package proposal.

This morning the committee reviewed Union proposals on:

Today the committee continued working on proposals for increased employment, job security, benefits, and other outstanding issues.

The Article 26 (Training and Employment Security) subcommittee had another long and frustrating and meeting with the Company representatives.

The Union passed additional proposals to improve Appendix F and Appendix A13 (Monitoring).

It was great to see the CWA presence at the AT$T shareholders meeting this morning.  The large crowd from across the nation was raucous and energized!  Hopefully, AT$T heard our members loud and clear today.


In addition, the mobilization activities across District 4 today were impressive as well!  The number of locations and scores of members participating was inspiring to the bargaining committee.  Thank you!

Today, the Union rejected the Company’s second comprehensive package proposal.

Steward meeting and stike captian to meet 5/3/18 7:00pm Maditory

The Committee continued to dissect the Company’s proposals and craft Union counter proposals this morning.