The Union passed multiple proposals today, including, Article 5 (No Strike), Article 15 (Job Classifications and Promotions), Article 22 (Excused Work Days), Appendix A16 (Benefits), letters regarding Recall Procedures, VSIPP Opt-Out, and a Memorandum on Stabilized Employment.

This morning, the Company and Union met and reached a tentative agreement onAppendix A11(NonManagement Staffing Process).

The Company passed proposals on Article 8 (Collective Bargaining Procedures), Article 23 (Vacations) and Article 25 (Temporary Assignments). Tentative agreements were reached on these passes in the afternoon session.

After a long, exhausting, and disappointing day and night yesterday, the Union Committee was bolstered seeing all the pictures and videos of members participating in activities for the contract countdown.  Even though the contract expired without an agreement, it did make AT$T a little nervous seeing how much support you are giving this committee!

At this time, CWA District 4 and AT&T have not reached a new agreement.

We will be working without a contract effective at 12:00 AM CDT, Sunday, April 15th.

We are still FAR from resolving a multitude of issues that must be addressed before a tentative agreement can be presented.

The Company finally presented the Union with a series of proposals this evening.

This morning the Union Committee passed proposals to strengthen Appendix F, Article 26 (Training and Employment Security), and we are continuing to work on benefits issues at this time.

The Company has not had any proposals for the Union yet today.

The Mobilization activities that took place this morning were AMAZING! There were members informational picketing in a TON of places and red balloons everywhere!

In Indianapolis, Indiana, the balloons had a little extra sparkle to them, as some managers found out.

The Company started our Health Care Mobilization Day just the way we expected. They passed another proposal todrastically change the way our medical plans look, and the costs paidby our members.   It’s not enough that they win tax breaks of astronomical proportions…they want more from us with lesser benefits!