The Committee spent the morning and part of the afternoon reviewing information on Benefits, Appendix F, and Article 26 while constructing responses to outstanding company proposals.

In the afternoon we met with the company and passed a proposal on health care that the current costs for members should not increase for the life of the new contract.

This morning the committee spent time looking at multiple issues, including; ways to deal with Wage Zone disparity across the Midwest region, Article 26, and Common Attendance Guidelines.

This afternoon the Union continued to focus on JOBS!

This morning the Marketing and Benefits subcommittees met to continue to clarify the numerous questions we have for the company on their regressive proposals that would affect our call center members and health plan participants.

Today, the Marketing and Appendix F Sub-Committees met to review data and request additional information from the company so that we can make educated and well-reasoned responses to AT&T’s retrogressive proposals received thus far. What we are discovering is that while the company says they have certain issues that they believe MUST be addressed, when we ask for data that supports their position, they either cannot provide it or what they do provide contradicts their original position.

The committees met this morning in full session and the company passed two proposals, both letters, regarding the Company Wellness Program and CVS Retail Prescription Option. The Union committee then caucused in our subcommittees to work on benefits, work rules, Appendix G, and marketing.

Yesterday, the Committee met to review proposals, to date, and prepare for today’s meeting with the Company.

The Company passed proposals this morning to reject the Union’s proposal to renew Appendix A4 (Regional Joint Benefits Forum) and proposals to renew Appendices D2 and D3 (Benefit Investigation Committee and Legally Recognized Partners). They also proposed eliminating Appendix D4 (Pre-Retirement Survivor Benefit).

This morning, the committees met together, and the company passed a proposal on Article 11 (Information Sharing) and a proposal to delete Common Attendance Guidelines, which would then allow each department to devise harsher and more punitive procedures. The Appendix G subcommittee met with the company’s subcommittee to continue discussions around the Global Services Business.

This morning, the Appendix F subcommittee was scheduled to meet with the Company. We did meet …. but it seemed the Union’s ideas and questions were too much for the company to process. They stated that they didn’t really have time to discuss any more of the union’s concerns today and that they had proposals they needed to work on. The subcommittee meeting ended after about seven minutes!