CWA Local 1101

CWA members who are Verizon employees are eligible for Gym Membership reimbursement of up to $60 twice a year under the Work and Family Health & Wellness Plan.
To all CWA 1101 Verizon Members with a NCSD of 8/2/08 or earlier: With every surplus announcement, some of our Members become starry eyed and focus only on the worth of the lump sum and Enhanced Income Protection Payment that is before them. This is very dangerous! There are many issues that our Members must consider and take into account before retiring.
We'd like to wish every CWA Local 1101 member a very Happy Thanksgiving. As we celebrate with family and friends, we also give thanks for our union.
November 19, 2019. The following letter was sent from Verizon Labor Relations to CWA District 1 today. This letter is to notify you that Verizon New York Inc., Verizon Corporate Services Corp., Verizon Services Corp., and Empire City Subway Company (Ltd.), (collectively “the Company”) are declaring a surplus condition in thirty (30) titles within Force Adjustment Areas (“FAAs”) 1through 6 and Article 8 Unit Manhattan.

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