CWA Local 1106

On June 19th 2019 The NYS Assembly passed the NYS Call Center Jobs Act. This legislation had previously passed in the NYS Senate after years of being voted down.

Recent News

The 1106 Golf Outing will take place on September 9th 2019 please contact Bob Smith at the local 

Join your fellow brothers and sisters, along with family and friends, at Citi Field on August 25th as we cheer on the hometown Mets.

Why we wear Red

We wear red on Thursdays.
We wear red for our families, our children, our neighbors and our coworkers.
We wear red to remember those who made sacrifices before us,
to make the telephone company a good place to work.
We wear red for livable wages,
To pay my mortgage and taxes.
We wear red for health benefits for my kids.
We wear red for quality time for my family,
to coach little league, help out my church, and go to PTA meetings.
We wear red to volunteer for our community,
to feed the hungry, care for sick children and babies,
And help a neighbor in need.
We wear red because we care,
We care about our neighbors, and our customers.

We are the Communications Workers of America Local 1106.
The CWA wears red on Thursdays to remind us that every working person
deserves livable wages, health care for their families, and time to spend with their kids.
We are the Communications Workers of America.

We wear red on Thursdays,
and we encourage all working person to wear red on Thursday too.
Because every working person deserves a good paying job with benefits.

The below video  "Why We Wear Red" - The story of CWA Chief Steward E Gerald “Gerry” Horgan

Gerry died on Aug 15, 1989 from injuries sustained after being struck by a car, driven by a scab, while walking the picket line. On strike against the NYNEX Corporation fighting for medical benefits Gerry was the first CWA Member ever killed on a picket line. He was 34 years old.

In January 2003, in another strike over health care, Michelle Rodgers was struck by a police car while picketing the GE Appliance plant in Louisville, Ky. A member of IUE-CWA Local 83761, Rodgers was an enthusiastic union activist who was hit while crossing the street as strikers gathered before dawn.