Hartford Courant Guild

Mission Statement

We, the journalists of The Hartford Courant, are uniting to form a union.

We are proud to create the award-winning journalism our readers count on. Our work holds our leaders accountable, speaks for those who are most vulnerable, and tells the stories of our many communities.

This mission has grown harder with each passing day. Declining revenues and corporate self-interest marked by decisions without regard for, or knowledge of, who we are and what we do only translate to deepening cuts to our resources and standards.

We have tried to do more with less to work harder, smarter and more efficiently as our newsroom grew leaner. We’ve tried putting our faith in far-off corporate leaders who had the power, but not the will, to invest in us once again.

We’ve practiced patience and waited for change. Now, we aim to do our part to guarantee that the high-quality, responsible and independent journalism the Courant has always stood for survives and remains a robust force in our community.

We oppose cuts that have drained our newsroom of so much institutional knowledge and experience and we insist on having a voice in such decisions moving forward. We seek to replenish positions that have gone unfilled; to introduce more diverse voices and perspectives that reflect the communities we cover; to fight for raises, cost-of-living increases and pay equity, a strong grievance policy, and a pathway for advancement.

We hope the company will join us in building a more collaborative and constructive relationship.

The Courant has survived for 254 years. We believe it will thrive again when its journalists are granted a seat at the table. Through collective bargaining, we can add our voice to the dialogue shaping the next chapter of the Courant’s distinguished history.

We are asking Tribune Publishing, our parent company, to voluntarily recognize us as a member of the NewsGuild (CWA), representative of fellow Tribune papers the Baltimore Sun, Chicago Tribune, Capital Gazette, Carroll County Times, Virginian-Pilot and Daily Press.

In solidarity,

The Hartford Courant Guild

Daniela Altimari
Dave Altimari
Dom Amore
Mike Anthony
Chris Arnott
Sean Begin
Lindsay Bukowinski
Joe Burns
Jenna Carlesso
Tim Castillo
Denise Coffey
Susan Dunne
Steve Goode
Leeanne Griffin
Ken Gosselin
Greg Hladky
Brad Horrigan
Josh Kovner
Jesse Leavenworth
Jon Lender
Rebecca Lurye
Kaitlin McCallum
Shawn McFarland
Kathleen McWilliams
Mark Mirko
Mikaela Porter
Alex Putterman
Patrick Raycraft
Chris Rzasa
Nick Rondinone
Stephen Singer
Jordan Otero Sisson
Don Stacom
Kelli Stacy
Kevin Vellturo
Michael Walsh