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The PRO Act Will:

  • Protect strikes and other protest activities. The bill will make it illegal for employers to permanently replace striking workers and make secondary strikes and boycotts legal.
  • Make it easier to bargain. The bill will eliminate obstacles for workers to get their first union contract. 
  • Help strengthen protections for workers forming a union.

CWA Local 4302, Local 4300 and NABET Local 42 attended a two-day Steward Strong pilot program led by CWA and NABET staff.  Our Stewards brushed up on the history of the Labor Movement, and had instructor-led group discussions focused on Mobilization, Organizing, and Representation.  Our Local would like to thank all of those that attended and to let our District Staff know how much it means to have them here sharing their knowledge and years of experience!

Dear Sisters and Brothers: 

Monday, November 11, 2019, is the day designated to honor all veterans for their sacrifices and service to our country.  Thank you to the veterans in our rank and file and our retirees.  Your selfless service, and that of your family, will never be forgotten by CWA. 

We are aware that issues of housing, healthcare, and good union jobs for veterans are still lacking.  CWA will continue the fight for the causes of our vets and wounded warriors to ensure they get the help they need and deserve. 

To find out more about Joe Beirne, his legacy, and the eligibility and application process for this scholarship please visit CWA's Joe Beirne Scholarship Program page.

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