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Aon-Hewitt sent an incorrect letter to Pre-Medicare LQ Occupational Retirees regarding Medical Plan Changes for 2015. Unfortunately, they included some LQ Occupational non-Medicare retirees within the mailing list that were intended for Legacy CenturyLink non-Medicare retirees. Aon-Hewitt will be identifying the group who received the letter in error and sending an apology letter or email ASAP.

Attached is documentation from Legacy Qwest on how the 2015 Pre- Medicare Health Care rates were determined. As you can see the cost of health care continues to rise and the pool of the insured has decreased over the prior 3 years. This information along with the fact that the Retiree Cost Caps have remained the same provides for higher premiums.

The information below has tiered enrollment for the Pre-65 Occ plans for 2012, 2013, and 2014.