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August 23, 2019
To: CWA Nokia Local Presidents and RMC Chapter Officers
From: Mary Jo Reilly, Nokia Bargaining Chair
           Luis Benitez, Bargaining Team Member
           Steve Amato, Bargaining Team Member
Re: Nokia Bargaining Update
The CWA Nokia Bargaining Team will host a town hall call with all Nokia Local Presidents,
Active Bargaining Unit Members and Retirees:
Date: Tuesday, August 27, 2019
Time: 1:00 p.m.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

August 13, 2019

Dear Union Members,

At the 2019 CWA Convention in Las Vegas last week, CWA's Defense Fund Oversight Committee and the Executive Board jointly and unanimously agreed to increase the payout level to assist striking workers, effective August 1.

The new pay rate is $300 per week for striking members, starting on the 15th day of a strike, an increase from $200. Starting on the 29th day of a strike, striking members will receive $400 per week, an increase from $300.

In Unity,

R.K. Ferdinandsen


CWA Local 7590


Dear Union Members,

Last Tuesday August 6th 2019, the local mailed letters of notification ot the Appointment of Michelle Ramirez to the office of Secretary/Treasurer to the last known home address of each union member.  This notification was done in accordance with our By-Laws and reads as follows;

"Tuesday August 6, 2019

Dear Union Member,